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Rescuing and rehoming pound dogs in the UK
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One dog is put to sleep every hour in a UK pound every day. Please help them to live!


 Boson - What a boy!

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Boson - What a boy! Empty
PostSubject: Boson - What a boy!   Boson - What a boy! EmptyThu Apr 15, 2010 12:20 pm

Boson, or Bobo as he soon became known was our very first rescue staffie poundie. Although all the staffies are special, Bobo will always be special with a pinch more special because he was our first. This bundle of joy and fun came tumbling into our house and made us laugh more and more every day. Oh how we fell in love with him! Love

We rehomed him to a lady who was born to be Bobo's 'Mum' She absolutely dotes on him and him on her. She still lets me know how he's getting on and tells me about his naughty cheeky antics.

Bobo, you made our first rescue experience perfect, thank you gorgeous little man!!! Love Love Love Love Love

Bobo's pound pic (he was happy to walk away from the pound!!!!!!!!!!)
Boson - What a boy! O21

Waiting with Simba for brekkies xx
Boson - What a boy! Bobo_Simba_4809

how handsome is he?!!! xx
Boson - What a boy! Boson_forum_cropped

My beautiful Tess, you were my best friend, my sweet darling girl. Run free with the angels now lovely girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Boson - What a boy!
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